About Identia
Identia designs and develops products for the architectural sign industry. We produce tools that help designers, facility managers, and sign professionals create and manage sign programs more efficiently than ever before.

Identia is a division of Whitney Veigas Architectural Products Inc., located in Needham, Massachusetts.

For contact information, please see the Contact Us page.

Identia Online
Identia Online is a web based application that makes it possible for you to manage all of your sign project documents including specifications, fabrication drawings, sign message schedules, and location plans. Fast and accurate collaboration with your clients and partners is a simple mouse click away.
Identia Sign System
The Identia Sign System include sign plaques and panels, backers, and mounting hardware that share a simple but refined appearance, and which can be used to produce a comprehensive interior sign program for a wide variety of building types.
Plaque detail