Frequently Asked Questions

What is Identia?

Identia designs and develops products for the architectural sign industry. We produce tools that help designers, facility managers, and sign professionals create and manage sign programs more efficiently than ever before.

Identia is a division of Whitney Veigas Architectural Products Inc., located in Needham, Massachusetts.

Identia Online

What is Identia Online?

Identia Online is a web based application that makes it possible for you to manage all of your sign project documents including specifications, fabrication drawings, sign message schedules, and location plans from any computer with an internet connection. Identia Online enables you to collaborate with clients and partners more easily and accurately than is possible using conventional workflows and procedures.

What kinds of tasks can be performed with Identia Online?

Identia Online allows you to select sign types from a library of pre-designed layouts and tailor them to your particular project by selecting from a menu of typestyles, message colors, and background colors. Alternately, for signs that are not included in libraries, you can describe and document sign types using text and images. Create sign message schedules and installation location plans. Download production documentation. Do all of this from a single, secure website. And most importantly, you can instantly share all of your project data with customers and clients so you can be confident your clients are always viewing current and accurate information.

Can I use Identia Online in conjunction with any sign products?

Yes. The sign type specification, sign message schedule, location plan, and information sharing tools in the Identia Online application constitute a universal, web-based platform on which you can manage all of your architectural sign programs.

Is Identia Online secure? Is my data backed-up?

Identia Online uses industry standard SSL encryption security to protect your data when it is sent between our server and your machine. Our dedicated server is hosted by ServerBeach. Data is backed up nightly so we can perform a full recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency. Our uptime is over 99%.

For more information, see our Security page.

What browsers are supported by Identia Online? Are there other platform or plugin requirements?

Identia Online with work on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6 or 7 (PC), Firefox 2 or later (Mac and PC), and Safari 2 or later (Mac). Identia Online requires the Adobe Flash plugin. If your browser does not already have Flash installed, you can download the free Flash Player. Identia Online works on both a PC and Mac as long as you have one of the supported browsers listed above.

Are there are any screen or monitor recommendations?

The application is a fixed width, so at lower resolutions, you may need to do both horizontal and vertical scrolling. For traditionally proportioned monitors (almost square), we recommend a width of at least 1280. For widescreen format monitors, a minimum width of 1400 is recommended. While Identia Online can be used on laptops and smaller monitors, it is easier to use on a larger monitor, as you can see the entire application without horizontal or vertical scrolling.

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Identia Online Editions and Pricing

What is the price of an Identia Online subscription?

Identia Online is offered at a Team Edition price of $79 per month and an Office Edition price of $149 per month. The Team Edition includes 2 user licenses while the Office Edition provides 10 licenses. Additionally, the Office Edition provides access to private libraries.

What are the payment terms?

  • A free 30-day trial period to Identia Online is included for all new subscribers.
  • At the conclusion of the free trial period, your monthly subscription fee will be charged.
  • Payment is only accepted by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover)
  • You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time.
  • No pro-rated refunds for partial months will be made, and you must enter your credit card information upon registration.
  • You may cancel your trial period at any time during the 30 days without incurring a charge on your credit card.
  • Identia reserves the right to make adjustments to the monthly subscription charge and will provide 60 days notice of such changes.

Can I pay by check? Can you invoice us?

Currently, payment is only accepted by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). We only accept payment online so we cannot accept purchase orders, invoices, or checks.

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Identia Online Account

How many users does my subscription allow me to have?

The Identia Online subscription entitles you to 2 active users for an Team Edition and up to 10 active users in the Office Edition.

Are there discounts for multiple subscriptions?


Can I change my Edition?

Yes, you can move between the Team and Office Editions to meet the needs of your business. Changes to Edition take effect immediately. The new monthly rate begins at the start of your next billing cycle.

What about software upgrades and maintenance?

Since Identia Online is an online, on-demand web application, there is no software for you to install and maintain. Software upgrades are seamlessly deployed to all subscribers.

Where can I read the Terms of Service?

Terms of Service for Identia Online can be found here.

How do I cancel my subscription or free trial?

The account administrator can do this by going to the Manage Account screen in the Identia Online application, and clicking the Close Account button. After doing this, the user log-ins will immediately become inactive, and your data will not be accessible. Also, any clients, partners, and vendors that you may have shared project data will not be able to access your data either.

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Private Libraries

What is a private library?

The standard Identia Sign System library offers point-and-click simplicity and editable image versatility. With a private library, this functionality can be integrated with your sign drawings. The Identia team will work with you to determine the desired parameters and variables for your library, create the library in the database, and load the images.

What is the price of a private library?

Private library costs are available by quotation only. These costs vary based on the complexity of the program, and are quoted on a per project basis. In addition, you must subscribe to the Office Edition in order to access and use a private library. Please contact us for more information.

Who can access my private library?

You decide who has access to your private library.

What are the typical applications for a private library?

In general a private library is best used for a client or project where the size or importance justifies that added expense of the private library. Typical applications include large multi-facility corporate clients, large health care centers, or any client where you have a lot of maintenance and reorders. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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Identia Sign System

What sign products do you offer?

The Identia Sign System offers plaques, panels, backers, and mounting hardware that are used to create simple, refined, and versatile interior sign programs.

Who manufactures the Identia Sign System, and who can buy it?

The Identia Sign System is manufactured and distributed exclusively in North America by Park Place Sign Systems, located in Hannibal, MO. Park Place Sign Systems is a wholesale manufacturer and will sell Identia signs only to sign companies, sign brokers, and other qualified resellers. Identia sign products are not sold directly to building owners, end-users, or general contractors.

Am I restricted to using Identia Online only with the Identia Sign System?

No. Identia Online functions can be used in conjunction with other signs and systems. The sign type specification, sign message schedule, location plan, and information sharing tools in Identia Online constitute a universal, online platform on which you can manage all of your architectural sign programs.

What is the relationship between Identia Online and the Identia Sign System?

Identia Online was initially conceived as a tool for designers to create sign programs utilizing the Identia Sign System on projects where a refined, off-the-shelf sign system was appropriate. The functionality of this software was expanded so that designers can organize, document, and manage signage programs that include sign types of virtually any description.

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